Warranty, Repairs & Our 30 Day Returns Policy - Sunnieside sunglasses

Warranty, Repairs & Our 30 Day Returns Policy

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A place where customers expect free product for life and brands bend words and rewrite policies on the spot.

We like transparency at Sunnieside (lens pun intended) and we got your back.

Our #1 priority is keeping you stoked with our service.

We want you to come back, not only because we stock the best quality shades in the biz..but because you like us and our service. 

If it's a legit warranty claim, read below. 

*If it's not legit...like your drunk mate Steve tackled you at the races and snapped the hinge on your 2 day old sunnies - please dont claim its a warranty. Our manufactures did not cause the hinge to break. Talk to Steve. 



If your shades are defective..and it's due to a manufacturing error - we'll replace them with a non-defective pair. We check every pair of sunnies being shipped but due to the high volumes of orders..we can't pick up on every error. They do happen, from time to time, and we've got your back if you receive one of these.

Package them up all nice, write the original order number somewhere in or on the packaging and send them to   


C/O Surf Boardstore

ATTN: Warranties

Unit 1, 30 Burler Drive


WA 6280


On all SALE styles -  we don't offer any EXTENDED WARRANTIES.

For fair and reasonable people understanding what discontinued sunglasses mean - we're normal people too who will rationalise with you.

We'd like to make that clear (another lens pun!)

So you're still entitled to your consumer rights under the law but we simply don't offer any of our OWN extension of what you're entitled to under this law.

SALE stock is discontinued eyewear (for around wholesale prices) so repair components are about readily available as dinosaurs eggs.


Some people are more suited to other styles of sunglasses that are kinda indestructible. 

30 Day returns Policy 

If your shades don't fit or you simply don't like them...you're free to return them to us for a refund if they're unworn & it's still within the 30 day window.

If you scored free shipping you'll be refunded the cost of the sunnies, less $10 shipping & admin costs (that's only fair...you technically haven't spent the $149, have you?)

We've allowed 30 days because we take into consideration transit times and the time for you to get to the post office - this policy is to make sure you're stoked with your purchase - it's not a "Wear these for a month and get your money back" type of Policy :) - even slightly worn shades will have small signs of wear and we cant offer those back up for sale. 

So, if they're in impeccable condition, please send them back to the below address and include the original Invoice in the pack - 


C/O Surf Boardstore

ATTN: Returns

Unit 1, 30 Burler Drive


WA 6280