About Us


Sunnieside Sunglasses is based in the south west corner of Western Australia.

Midway through 2014, we started Sunnieside as a clearance style sunglass store.  

At the time, most clearance stores were the well known, multinational giants armed with cheap eyewear (and other junk) with little focus on customer service. 

Our point of difference was -  buy PREMIUM clearance sunglasses, and with every order we receive - ship it the same day.

Doing this blew our customers away with..

  • rapid response time
  • top notch customer service
  • follow up emails to see how their shades are fitting.

This is unheard of in the sale/clearance space.  

With the genuine service we were providing, google ranked Sunnieside on the front page of search results for a home grown and popular brand we still offer today - OTIS Eyewear.

Good customer service has a flow on effect 

Because our customer service and fulfilment was on point - we started to receive customer requests asking for 'full priced' styles, and 'more brands'. 

Each request we handled individually and asked what it is they like about Sunnieside.

This lead us to really understanding what kind of sunglasses our growing list of customers wanted from Sunnieside and from brands.  

So, we reached out to the brands we like - and asked if we can sell their eyewear based on our customer feedback.  

We know sunglasses 

We know why certain brands appeal to certain people, and what lens tech suits which lifestyle.   

Sunnieside's owners and staff offer a unique mix of Surf retail ownership, digital marketing expertise and customer service expertise. 

Collectively between us, there's more than 40 years of sunglass brand-customer relations. 

We wear sunglasses 

So like our customers, the sunnieside staff spend way too much time outside.

We know what's needed to keep your eyeballs rested and protected and we have the styles and recommendations to suit your lifestyle.

Thanks for the support and we genuinely look forward to shipping you out some shades. 

Live it up!