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Surfmud Suncream and Tinted Zinc

All Natural, Non Nanno, 4 x water hours, SPF30 Sunscreen 💪🏽 

What do a bunch of sunglass specialists know about Suncream? Shitloads!

We at Sunnieside spend our free time doing 3 things. Surfing, Gardening & Putting suncream on children. To surf, garden and children, you need a (non-chemical) sun-block that'll do it all, from 4 hours water-resistant to not rashing up the whingy kid with sensitive skin. Surfmud goes on thick and stays on. That, and we've probably tried more suncream than you because we're older and more experienced. We're in our 40's...gardening, shredding the local and slapping Surfmud suncream on skin that needs it. You need to listen to us, ok?   

Using non-nano zinc oxide, a physical UV reflector, Surfmud formulations are reef safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and come in recyclable low impact packaging. Made and tested in Australia, these premium skin and sun care products use only the highest quality, ethically sourced, natural ingredients. Suitable for the whole family and those with sensitive skin, Surfmud products have become the leading choice of the environmentally conscientious and lovers of water and outdoor sports.

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