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Our Members Only OTIS Outlet FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our MEMBERS ONLY OUTLET


1. I've purchased from Sunnieside before, how come I can't view the OTIS OUTLET anymore?

    If you're a past customer, we would have sent you the special link to access the OUTLET. Go over to your emails and look for the Email Subject with this - "🔐 Big News | etc". Click the yellow button and scoop yourself a pair of Glass lens shades at well below any price online or in-store.   

    2. I'm not a Sunnieside customer yet, but I want in! What do I gotta do?

    Buy a pair of (non-outlet) shades, and you'll instantly become a Member! You'll receive an invitation email with the Secret Outlet Link. Alternatively, you could befriend an existing Sunnieside customer and hit them up to share the link with you?? 🤗  

    3. So I need to click the link I received in the email just to view the OTIS Outlet now?

    Kind of, yes. Just remember that all modern web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari etc) know where you click and what websites you've visited, depending on your own privacy settings. So if you've visited the OTIS Outlet Via the secret link, chances are you'll be able to freely shop the OTIS OUTLET collection at a later date without needing to click the secret link in your email(s).  

    4. Stoked I've got the SECRET LINK safely in my inbox, can I share it with anyone?

    Technically yes. BUT...what we don't want is someone to publish the link online or pump it up to the world. That'll only sell out the good styles and defeat the purpose of keeping this OTIS OUTLET exclusive to the people who've supported Sunnieside from day dot.


    This is a new concept for us so we'll be adding to the FAQ's as we go.

    If there's any specific info you need, hit us up direct - hello@sunnieside.com.au