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Your face and sunglass shapes


We all got different shaped heads, so apart from aesthetic frame tweaks….different frames exist to compliment different faces.

The trouble most people have is figuring out what sunglass shape does what to their face.

If you’ve experimented with full prices sunnies online…well, that’s an expensive exercise to nail down the right fit.

We’ll try our best to steer you into the right pair of shades.


With round faces, bringing definition can be done by making your cheeks look slimmer.

This can be done with choosing a frame that is wider than your face.

Onto of a wider frame, angular front frames help elongate the temples - which intern elongates your face.


Did you cast for Bold and the Beautiful? Do your square features scream day time TV/soap celeb?

For faces with defined and strong features - your go to style should be large to oversized frames.

Much the same how more delicate faces and features should be placing small to medium sunnies on their faces.

Reticular and square faces should go for the softer edges. Also, keep the logo’s and metal treatment to a minimum on your shades if you have defined features…let the features your momma gave you shine through!


Lets bring out those cheekbones!

Rounder or teardrop shapes on the bottom edge of the frame will accentuate your cheekbones and bring some subtle edges to your face.

Aviator’s are a great example of a timeless style that can make the most oblong of faces a (little) more defined.


This is having a pointed chin, sharp forehead and wider cheek bones.

For you diamantes, go for retro-rectangular shades.

Also, don’t be afraid to try some bold colours, and blinging up the frames - this draws attention away from the bottom of your face features and brings it up to eye level...not that people don't love your pointed/bum chin - it's just nice to look at someone's eyes :)



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