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Speed dealers and lens curve



The curve of your sunglass lens is referred to as the “base curve”. 


Base curve is the sphere measurement taken on the back of a sunglass lens in production.


Generally, we all refer to sunnies as either “wrap arounds” or “Fashion fits”.


Both are pretty average descriptions of how they perform, below are a few pointers on the differences - 


    • Health wise - neither are better or worse for your eye’s. Sure the more open, or “fashion fit” will let more ambient glare in form the side…but it still filters the DIRECT light, which is the enemy regarding eye health. 


    • Optometrists prefer to work with 6 base (flatter fitting) sunglasses when fitting prescription lenses. Less lens curve means a better fitting lens. 


    • The word ‘dealeries’ refers to the wrap around style of sunglasses…apparently found common amongst spead dealers etc. A great selection can be found over here - some amazing puns and (pretty bogan) wrap examples.  


    • Don’t be afraid about our 8 base wraps - we only deal (pun intended) in premium 8 base frames - stylish wrap arounds that will set you apart from the flamed temples and white framed servo sunnies. Coverage with style.  


    • Technically, you can get 10 base lens curves, but with lens distortion coming into it at some point - 8 is the max we feel comfortable with selling.  


    • 8 base wraps are a necessity in sports like fishing etc.


    • Less side glare means a more focused vision with less eye muscle fatigue.
    • 6 base (we reckon) are more all round and can be pulled off for any occasion :)

8 base collections

 6 base collections

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