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Bali sunnies - and your burning eyeballs



Bali sunnies are like cellophane on your eyeballs.

Although there's a dark tint in the lenses, their UV protection is absolutely nothing.

In fact, it's worse than nothing. 

Think about kuta cheapies like this

  • If you wear NO SUNNIES AT ALL on a sunny day, your eyes naturally squint...this is good. 
  • Naturally squinting blocks out the sun and the bad stuff (simple human evolution...what we're made to do)
  • So the Bali specials actually trick your eyeballs to relax and dilate your pupil -  then opening the mechanics of your eye right up. 
  • Unfiltered UV radiation then cooks your (now relaxed) eyeball. 

Essentially...crappy sunglasses burn your eye's. 

This is not a sales pitch, and while yes we'd be stoked to ship you out some of our 100% UVA/UVB sunnies...this is more about letting you know we all really have two options:

  1. Wearing no sunnies at all
  2. Wear 100% UVA/B protective lenses.

So give your friends the heads up if they persist on bad sunnies.

Now go & enjoy the sunshine out there!   

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